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Our goal was to create an airempire – not only an airfield. With no need to worry about which specific company you need to fix your problem – because Straubing has them all. The airfield in Straubing is surrounded by every single company the aviation industry can think of. It’s the total package that makes flying complete. And that’s exactly what our company stands for: A complete empire for all aviation enthusiasts.

Our services

“Bayerische Flugzeug Werke” are highly regarded specialists for every historical aircraft like warbirds and much more. From the maintenance and the management of flying aircrafts to our offer for a complete restoration we have sounded the bell for a paradigm change with regards to the ownership and the restoration of oldtimer aircrafts. With the matchless relationships to our partner companies based around the Straubing Wallmühle airfield, our knowledge about the whole aviation field and our broad experience we offer clear cost models and schedules to support each of our customers.

Our aircraft management team has the agility, responsiveness and personal attention of a private flight department with the resources of a large organization.

Do you want to fly a hundred and fifty hours a year or do you want to maximize your charter income?

We have the experience and resources you need to ensure a fantastic home ownership experience for your individual case.

2020-08-16 D-IROM Beech 18
2020-06-20 N1569D Cessna 195 / D-EKIP Piper 18
You want to watch fantastic airshows or you need the perfect scenery for your movie? “Bayerische Flugzeug Werke” offer both for you!
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2020-08-16 D-IROM Beech 18


We don’t offer marketing. We offer extraordinary marketing!
2019-05-30 D-EHYD Aeronca 7 Champion

Through our trustworthy partner organizations, we distinguish ourselves in that we offer turnkey door-to-door air freight, logistics and solutions worldwide. With the support of every single, very experienced and trained team member from “Bayerische Flugzeug Werke”, we can carefully dismantle, pack and reassemble your aircraft at its new location – always in time.


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2020-06-20 N1569D Cessna 195
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