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“Bayerische Flugzeug Werke” are highly regarded specialists for every historical aircraft like warbirds and much more. From the maintenance and the management of flying aircrafts to our offer for a complete restoration “Bayerische Flugzeug Werke” have sounded the bell for a paradigm change with regards to the ownership and the restoration of oldtimer aircrafts. With the matchless relationships to partner companies based around the Straubing Wallmühle airfield, the knowledge about the whole aviation field and our broad experience we offer clear cost models and schedules to support each of our customers.

2020-06-20 D-IROM Beech 18

Our own garages at the Straubing Wallmühle airfield offer space for up to 7 airplanes.

In collaboration with companies like Avionik or the Tailwheel academy we provide a wide selection of maintenance services for oldtimers, including restoration, full project management and running aircraft management.

We know it all

Over the last years all of our team members have gained a lot of experience in regards to the whole aviation topic. All of us are blessed with substantial experience in the evaluation, marketing and the management of restoration projects, which we’ve been falling back on for many years already now.

Full restoration of aircrafts

One part of the restoration process is the whole reconstruction of the airframe into an airframe “as good as new”. The other part is the re-varnishing of the aircraft in a lacquering that represents a significant historical period. Original devices and components need to be replaced or changed permanently. This process includes many steps. The main aspect of the restoration is the maintenance of original materials and its manufacturing process.

“Bayerische Flugzeug Werke” offer aircraft refurbishment studies, including monitoring, auditing and reporting. Our services generally include the following steps:

The individual planning you benefit from

Our employees consult about the final outcome of the project. Human and financial resources will be allocated. This decision has a significant impact on the configuration of the aircraft.

Always an individual assessment

The main task is to collect all publications and drawings held for the aircraft. They will help us with the restoration and can be used to list all the parts that are supposed to be preserved and also to identify defects that need to be repaired in order to complete the restoration.

Now it comes to restoration, preservation and conservation

The number one priority is the maintenance of existing structures and the further development where necessary. These are preservation processes intended to extend the life of original objects. Sometimes it is impossible to get original parts, for example due to corrosion or general deterioration. In this case, our technicians can replace sections or entire parts with a new structure using the same materials and construction techniques as the originals. All the reproductions will be documented and clearly identified so that in future studies of the aircraft and its structure new and old areas can be accurately identified.

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