Who we are and what we do

We are unique

In Germany you won’t find a service anymore that is similar to ours – an allround service in relation to aircrafts. That’s where we saw a huge problem. So we needed a solution, a solution that connects all fields such as:

At that time “Bayerische Flugzeug Werke” were born, founded by Gabriel Rieser.

Our goal was to create an airempire – not only an airfield.
With no need to worry about which specific company you need to fix your problem – because Straubing has them all.
The airfield in Straubing is surrounded by every single company the aviation industry can think of.
It’s the total package that makes flying complete.

And that’s exactly what our company stands for: A complete empire for all aviation enthusiasts.

For our customers spreaded all over the world we offer aircraft maintenance, the restoration, and the management of our beloved oldies – the warbirds and other historical aircrafts.
To meet all the requirements on a very high level, our experienced team works hand in hand with our customers and our partner companies. Our garages in Straubing have space for up to 7 aircrafts.

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